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australia is a shitty country, with a shitty government and a stained human rights record
never forget that, ever
this country has killed so many its supposed to take care of - and stole the land, and now denies the land to those who have no where else to go.
destroy the notion that australia is a good country, it is not

just because we don’t have the best government atm does not mean to say australia is a shitty country. yes, it’s terrible what happened to the indigenous and nothing can make up for that but that is in the past, all we can do is work towards a better future. a shitty government does not make shitty country, it makes times tough but they will get better down the track. jesus if you want to talk about shitty government’s look at what is happening in the middle east and parts of europe.

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I wonder who’s gonna be by my side in 10 years
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